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Guess who's back, back again, I am back, tell a friend...ok sorry XD

Well after a short period of disappearing because of finals...I'm back, well as of last night seeing as I finally posted a new manip :D
Waiting For Santa by nikkidoodlesx3

So today I'm going to do a huge feature, not just of artwork, but also of contests and journals too! Keep an eye out for Breakthrough Manips sometime this week! Also if your interested in Teach-Me-Manips I will be posting an update for it this week as well!

I am in the process of switching from society6 to zazzle so I will update my links once that is finished.

However I am selling a 2014 Calendar!!! so if your interested please check it out here:…

Also if you guys don't mind, please vote for me here:…
I believe the top 5 winners will be featured in a New York gallery!

Thanks for sticking with me guys!
Happy Holidays!!

Contests & Giveaways

Here we are dear membersYes, this is time to the first contest of Digital creeD
We will enter the winter period with all that entails magic, so the theme is found. ;-)
DEADLINE is January 15th.


Bullet; Blue Theme: Winter.
Bullet; Blue Medium: Photomanipulation
Bullet; Blue Deadline: The contest runs from December 17th, 2013 until January 15th,


Bullet; Blue This challenge is only open to the members of Digital CreeD.
Bullet; Blue The group highlights the photomanipulation so, only this art is accepted.
Bullet; Blue We accepte new pieces only (After December 17th)
Bullet; Blue One submition per member.
Bullet; Blue Credit all the resources used, if it's your stock, say it in the Artist's comment.
Bullet; Blue You must put in your "Artist's comments" link to this j
6 months dA subscription giveaway and more prizesBefore Xmas I'll give a 6 months dA subscription + 3 months dA subscription + points.
:iconlucasparolin: 6 months dA subscription + 10 points
:iconrafa-insane: 3 months dA subscription 
Thank you all who have participated and suggested beautiful works.
 Merry Xmas to all!

Follow these simple rules:
- Fave this journal (I'll use to draw a number and this will give you a number in the favourites list);
- Comment below and let me know which are your favourite artists/friends on dA and your favourite art (if you are already a premium member you can use the deviations' thumbs):
Hi, there are really amazing artists here:
 I love mostly the pencil artists like AmBr0 , XRlS , retransmission , ronmonroe  , twincestoxa  or acjub but I also love photography like

Out of the Box - Photomanipulation Contest!Contest Info
It's that time again. :meow: 
For this contest, you are being offered a "stock bank" to select your stocks from. :la: There is no particular theme; just wing it!
Bullet; Red The majority (but not 100%!) of your manipulation must contain stocks from the given choices. You may find some textures or other little odds and ends to use. Also, you do not need to use a piece from each category listed below (but you can use more than one from the same category if you'd like). All stock/textures you are using outside of the bank must be legit.
Bullet; Purple Make sure you read each stock artists' rules! This is a must. Also, always give proper credit and notify of usage. Please remember to do this, or the entry will not be accepted.
:bulletpink: There will be 3 different categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced (when submitting your entry or entries via note,
The Creative Inspiration Contest [closed]
12.1.2014: Contest is now closed
Thank you for all the wonderful entries!!!
11.1.2014: Only today left! Get your entries in!
Edit 24.11.13: Updated prizes + put the date in proper format; updated rules - one line added:
"Entries that keep too closely to the inspirational source (i.e. the ones that basically copy the image by just switching the stock) will be rejected."

I have decided to wait a little longer before adding any judges so you are not limited by maybe wanting to avoid certain people as inspirational sources ;)
Edit 4.12.13:
Please, please, please, read the rules before you start!
I hate to decline work on the grounds of formalities (especially when I can see you put a lot of effort
in your work) - this includes the DO NOT COPY part!
Edit 14.12.13: Updated prizes :)
The Idea

When we browse dA, we constantly get ins

New Contest Starts Today!GROUP NEWS
Hello everyone!
We here in Northern Illionis area, just below Chicago,  had our first snow a few days ago (Nov. 11th). It had been raining, and the temperature had dropped just enough to turn it to snow. It stayed on the ground until the bright sun  melted it the next day.
I said that to say, they are coming. The months of snow are coming.
I hope none of our members, or your relatives and friends, have been effected my the recent natural disasters that have occurred. Those who pray are praying for you.
Yes, we're having a contest!!
I'm being lazy, so I'm starting a contest now instead waiting another two weeks. That's because I want this contest over before Christmas so that we have time to vote and give out prizes! Then we can all sit back and do nothing until the new year day. :)
Our new contest is  called  "White On White", and this is what I mean:

Below, you'll find the stock pool for this contest.
New Contest!!! DARK PORTRAIT RELOADED!!Hey there my lovelies!!
I decided to start a new round of The Dark Portrait Contest.
Last time you had to follow the instructions of this tutorial in Part I and do a own piece in PART II.
This time it´ll be similar....  kind of.
Make sure you read the tutorial and follow it´s instructions in Part I but this time there´s a little twist.
I want you to do a Dark Scenery/Full body manipulation. Plus you are able to choose your stocks yourself.
But follow the instructions.
And for the second Part there will be a surprise... because I am not telling you anything about it yet ;P
So, I think the Deadline will be the 1st of January 2014, because it is quite easy to follow this journal.
Make sure you cover all this rules though:
- Link Back to this group, the tutorial and all stocks(direct links + artists accounts) in the artists comments section.
- Make sure you wri

<da:thumb id="419026655"/> Winter Contest -CLOSED- The contest is CLOSED! Results will be posted up later this evening. Thank you so much for everybody who entered~! There are so many amazing pieces that I will have difficulty choosing!!!
The people that needed the extension have managed to get their entries in, and I am only waiting on one more now! :la:
I am bringing the deadline back to today, but this evening, so there is still time for the last person to work on their piece~  
The contest will end tonight, Sunday 12th January, 7:30 pm GMT
This is the last time I am extending the deadline, so if your entry is not in by that time then I am afraid it's too late.
I hope the last few manage to get everything finished in that time! :love: Good Luck everyone! :la: 
Also, for everybody who enters and doesn't win, I will hold a raffle where you could win 200 :points: and a head-shot commission~

If you have a contest or giveaway you would like featured, please note me with a link.

Massive Feature

Be sure to scroll down and view all the art!

Christmas Night by neverdying

Ice and Fire by DarkDevil16
Precious by Kryseis-Art
Night Shades by EnchantedWhispersArt
King without kingdom by msriotte
MARTEM by CGSoufiane

Astarte by blaithiel
Bruised by simoneheld
Blind Love by djajakarta
The Valkyrie by LuLebel
Avalon Undiscovered Dreams by ChristabelleLAmort
Real life - Korra by Nikmarvel
Enlace by Ntieyko

Evasion by Christel-Michiels
Heart Lying Still by ChristabelleLAmort
Bella Donna by Marazul45
Con-Creation by MythridArt
In the Land of the Blind by Shinobinaku
Lewitacja by Anithka
Candles by PrincessMagical
Harpy by vampirekingdom
Goddess of Liberty by Kryseis-Art
She Waits by Vandyla
Wartime by EstherPuche-Art
Old Memories II by Pyrogas-Artworks
Sorceress by Gwendolyn1
Dark keepers by DiosaEMR

Shelter from the Rain by Brumae-Art
Athena by Carlos-Quevedo
Listen To The Cries Of The Planet by PrincessMagical
Light It Up by saftkeks13
The Deep by MissMalefic
The Others by moonchild-ljilja
Limbus by LadFree
Karina by Skategirl
The Kill by Andaelentari
Miracle by Lhianne
Ghost by obereg
The Mist by lombrascura
Land of Eagles ~ Daily Inspiration by GeneRazART
Birth of an idea by cunene

Tranquility by UntamedUnwanted
Vrksasana by NiAnluain
Nymphe au Crepuscule by clair0bscur

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Fantastic massive feature !
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Concursos.Muchas beautiful creations and thanks for including my work.
It's an honor.:iconedgeybowplz:Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by kmygraphic
Andaelentari Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thank you! :la:
Also voting for you :hug:
DiosaEMR Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Awesome feature and calendar!
Thanks so much for including my work! appreciate it dear!

Alpanu Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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